Luxury Pre-packed Hospital or homebirth Bag

Luxury Pre-packed Hospital or homebirth Bag

Prefilled luxury hospital bag containing many things needed for a 24 hour hospital stay.  We have used our experience as Mothers and Midwives to try and create a grab bag of items that actually work, make you feel a bit pampered and are necessary to take one more thing off your "to do" list!  Don't forget your phone charger!


Properly thick comforting pads, (not the skinny, leaky supermarket ones), muslins, handknitted baby blanket, proper netty knickers (not the leaky, crackly paper ones), vegan biodegradable wipes, organic hand crocheted cotton cord tie, lipsalve, a handful of eco "new bum" friendly newborn nappies, eco deodorant (postnatal wards can be stiflingly hot), and the whole lot comes in a smart fabric bag that meets the size restrictions currently for ryanair and easyjet underseat travel bags so is reusable on your next holiday - I use this same bag  for holidays with small children.  It is a great size for keeping in the car or by the door ready for when needed.


While we try to ensure products are as ethical and eco friendly as possible, during the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to substitute some items due to infection control and supply issues - eg plastic toothbrushes and disposable slippers - throw in the bin on leaving hsopital, please don't bring floor germs home with you and your baby!


Each pack contains our own handmade luxury toiletries, infused with organic rose oil (from UK) and organic honey from a small family run Cretan farm that I visit every year.  Please let me know if you require a vegan version which is minus the honey but + gorgeous organic cold pressed olive oil direct from the same cretan farm (Thank you Zac and Georgiou!).  Also included is a luxury hand knitted hat.  I follow the  latest evidence and strongly agree with the mantra "No Hatting, Patting or Chatting", but they are be useful when transferring to a postnatal ward down chilly hospital corridors.  


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