My name is Jane Ashwell-Carter and I qualified from University of Hertfordshire with a first class honours degree in Midwifery. and am studying toward an MSc in Midwifery and Women's Health.  I have a particular interest in vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) and had my last four children this way, three of them in wonderful homebirths. 

I am passionate about choice in midwifery care.  I believe my role is to support and to serve my clients, offering information as appropriate to enable them to confidently make the informed decisions they perceive to be best for themselves, their family and situation. 

I believe that trauma informed care and actively working to reduce birth trauma, both physical and psychological is imperative.  As a far more experienced midwife than I once said - "Birth itself can be dramatic - but we can try to stop it being traumatic" (Debs Neiger).  The effect of birth trauma is immeasurable.

In summer you will often find me doing my antenatal rounds on one of my classic Kawasakis - I have had motorcycles since I was 16 and hope I never grow out of them.  Once a year I take one across Europe to Greece and spend a fortnight soaking up sunsets and mountains.  They're also great for getting to births in heavy traffic.  Not so great for getting halfway up a shingled Welsh hill in a downpour, but that's another story!

I was fortunate to have had the impeccable care of Amanda Garside (BAC to Normality) and Janie Al Alawi (Acorn Birth Services) for my fifth baby which set me firmly on the path to Independent Midwifery.  Despite the current obstacle of insurance issues, I have never once regretted that decision.



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