About me

As a midwife I am passionate about choice in midwifery care.  I believe my role is to support and to serve my clients, and I endeavour to ensure you have a smooth path navigating through your pregnancy decisions.  This means offering the evidence based information to enable you to confidently make the informed decisions you perceive to be best for yourself and your family situation throughout this exciting journey.

I am always happy to discuss payment by instalments for care plans.  Please do not let lack of finances be a reason you do not get in touch!  I can offer full or part care packages (but currently not births due to a the lack of intrapartum insurance available to Independent Midwives), one off visits, NIPE screening, Newborn blood spot screening, birth debriefings and feeding support.  I also process placentas into wonderful capsules, prints and keepsakes.

For my own clients I offer birth pool and TENS machine use, as well as hypnobirthing sessions. 

As a Mother, I believe that trauma informed care and actively working to reduce birth trauma, both physical and psychological is imperative.  As a far more experienced midwife than I once said - "Birth itself can be dramatic - but we can try to stop it being traumatic" (Debs Neiger).  The effect of birth trauma is immeasurable.

I was fortunate to have had the impeccable care of Amanda Garside (BAC to Normality) and Janie Al Alawi (Acorn Birth Services) for my fifth baby which set me firmly on the path to Independent Midwifery.  After being on the receiving end of that care and feeling the difference being completely supported made to my entire household, I knew then that this was the only way I wanted to work. Despite the current obstacle of insurance issues, I have never once regretted that decision.

I truly have the best job on earth.


“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.” – Maya Angelou



Client Testimonials

What an incredible service provided for the birth or our 3rd child! Jane really goes above and beyond to provide a safe, calm and natural birthing environment to fit in with your family. I am forever greatful for the caring/professional help we were given in the midst of the covid 19 epidemic, meaning our family stayed safe for the birth, ante-natal and post-natal appointments. Jane made me feel calm and confident. Knowing she was there if I needed, helped to calm all anxieties and doubts. I couldn't recommend any higher than I do. Thank you Jane!

May 2020

A big thank-you to Jane for your support and care. Jane is very dedicated midwife and gives all her time in the world to make sure you feel heard and that your wishes are supported. Jane has guided us through this vulnerable time with confidence and knowledge so we were able to make informed decisions.Thank you for your compassion and empathy. I really appreciate the way you have listened and advised. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.

May 2020

I always felt listened to and understood; everything I asked about was explained and she always gave me as much time as I needed to reassure me that all was well with myself and baby. All of the choices that we made as parents were very much respected. We knew Jane was always there should we need her.

Jane's dedication to everything she does is abundantly clear and we honestly feel blessed to have had her as our midwife.

I didn't feel brave enough to tell her when she made her final postnatal visit, but I was honestly gutted when she left because she has helped us so much in so many ways.

The little girl I am cradling in my arms is already growing too fast and I know from experience these baby days will pass by in the blink of an eye. But what we will always remember is just what a wonderful time we had preparing for our daughter's arrival, her magical home birth, and the special days after she arrived.

June 2020


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